Million Tons of E-Waste is Produced Yearly

What is considered E-waste?

E-Waste is short for Electronic Waste and means discarded electrical or electronic devices.  This termonology is very broad and basically covers anything that plugs in or runs on battieries and we want to buy it from you.

What E-waste do you accept?

We will accept almost all forms of electronic waste however we do charger a $10 fee for the old-style tube TV’s and CRT monitors

For a complete list of items we accept please follow this link

What prices do you pay for my E-Waste?

Prices change daily so I cannot accurately put that on the website.  Call 417-529-9760 today and let me know what you have and I can let you know.

Why do you charge to take old CRT TVs/monitors?

The short answer has mostly to do with the toxic chemicals contained inside the cathode ray tubes.

Other factors include the difficulty of dismantling and separating the components of CRT’s. There are a lot of risks involved and smashing it open would cause harm to the worker due to the chemicals.  So the task can be tedious to avoid a trip to the ER. 

Weight and cost of transportation can get expensive as well because as you know if you carriered one of these suckers around they are not light.

These reasons combined are why there are costs involved when recycling a CRTs and you can see it can be a lot of work however keeping those toxic chemicals out of our landfills is worth it for the future of our planet.

How much to pick up a load of E-waste?

FREE!! I will come to you as long as you have a minimum of two items withing a resonable distance.  Call 417-529-9760 now and we can setup a time.