If that E-Waste is a gonner then we will reduce it down to it’s individual components


If your E-Waste looks like it could have a chance out in the world again then we will find a new home for it so it can be reused


We will recycle everything that is recieved in order to help control landfill waste and keep our waters a little cleaner


of E-Waste is Recyclable

We live in a disposable society which unfortunatley means lots of electronics that get thrown into the trash end up in our landfills.  These products contain substances like arsenic, acids, and lead which seap into the soil and can cause health issues to humans and wildlife.  Considering 90% of E-Waste can be recycled means we can take steps into creating a healthier planet for our future.  Call 417-529-9760 to schedule a pick up or drop your E-Waste any time in our 24hr drop box located at 902 E. 4th st suite 3d

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